Zvikomborero Parafini

UNREPENTANT fraudster, Bruce Chipunza, was dragged to court yesterday on allegations of attempting to escape from Cresta Lodge without settling his bill.

He was once convicted of several robberies, theft and fraud in the United Kingdom.

The court heard that last week on Monday, Chipunza booked a room for five days at Cresta Lodge and promised to settle the bill on the day he was supposed to leave the premises.

During his stay at the lodge, he was rendered various services, which included food and recreational activities, and his bill was US$2727.

On May 4, he left the hotel without paying.

He contacted a taxi driver, Misheck Mangwangwa, to pick him up through the back entrance.

Chipunza was arrested at the hotel’s main entrance as he was leaving without making the payment as promised.

He was denied bail by magistrate Nyaradzo Manokore who remanded him to May 21 for trial commencement

Grace Mugocheke appeared for the State.

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