Fraudsters hauled to court

18 Mar, 2020 - 11:03 0 Views
Fraudsters hauled to court


Georgina Takavadini, Court Reporter

A CHITUNGWIZA woman together with one Dzivaresekwa man who defrauded people their money after taking advantage of newspaper adverts were hauled to court facing charges of fraud.

The two pleaded not guilty when they appeared before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa who remanded them in custody to today for bail application.

Allegations are that the complainant saw an advert in the Sunday Mail newspaper when she called one of the accused people to inquire about the price of the stand when she was told that the stand was being sold for USD$12000.

The complainant showed interest and was given directions to go and view the stand.

On March 14, the complainant met Mawire and negotiated on the price until they agreed on USD$10 000.

Mawire also told the complainant that she was the owner of the stand and her name was Tsitsi Zvatinowona.

She also told the complainant that they were supposed to meet Danger in Chinhoyi so that they will finalise the stand deal.

Complainant became suspicious and informed detectives from CID CCD who followed the accused people in Chinhoyi and arrested them after they were about to sign the Agreement of Sale.

Upon arrest, detectives searched Mawire’s bag and found Tsitsi Zvatinowona’s national identity card together with fake title deeds.

On another record, Mawire duped the complainant after seeing an advert in Sunday Mail which was being sold by the one Mhlanga who was purporting to be the owner of the stand in Mt Pleasant Harare.

The said Mhlanga only disappeared when the complainant wanted the two to meet so that they sign some papers as he was interested.

Mawire then misrepresented to the complainant that she was sent by Mhlanga to sign the Agreement of sale papers on his behalf.

The stand was being sold for USD$32 000 and the complainant paid USD$16 500 and agreed to pay the balance of USD$15 500 within ten months.

Mawire went on to sign Agreement of Sale papers before the complainant’s lawyers.

When the complainant was about to develop the stand, the real Mhlanga told the complainant that he was the owner of the stand and that is when the complainant realised that he had been duped leading him to report the matter to the police.

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