Mangaliso Kabulika

INFORMATION Communication Technology and Courier Services (ICTCS) Minister Tatenda Mavetera says Government has plans to provide free public Internet access to improve access to information.

She says this will also boost e-commerce.

“The Government has plans to provide free public Internet to improve access to information and promote e-commerce.

“Zimbabwe should be creating and own e-commerce platforms that are both user friendly and interactive.

“As the ministry, we are committed to the vision of increased use of information and communication technology through the creation of policies that promote access to affordable and efficient Internet.

“We have come up with a National Broadband Plan that seeks to promote the expansion of broadband infrastructure and promote demand for broadband.

“However, local and digital platforms should adhere to and promote the fundamental tenets of cyber security,” said Minister Mavetera.

Jane Kabambe, a student, said free public Internet will allow easier access to educational material.

“As a student, having free public Internet will be a game-changer.

“It will allow me to access educational resources and research materials                             easily.

“This initiative will level the playing field for students like me who do not have access to the internet at home,” she said.

Mark Chikwava, a small business owner, said public Internet will improve his customer base.

“With free public Internet, I can expand my online presence, reach a wider customer base and explore new business opportunities.

“It will open doors for small businesses to thrive in the digital world.”

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