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ZIM dancehall star, Freeman, feels more still needs to be done for Zimbabwean artists to woo multi-racial crowds when they tour Europe or the United States.

Freeman is enjoying his maiden tour of the United States.

He said said his shows have failed to lure other nationalities as promoters target Zimbabwean communities overseas.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two shows we had here in Dallas but 90 percent of the people that attended were Zimbabweans.

“It was not a bad attendance but we need to do something as artists to ensure that we attract cosmopolitan crowds like what the likes of Burna Boy do each time they go on tour,” he said.

Freeman, who is expected back home this weekend, said he learnt a lot during the tour.

“It was a learning curve for us during our maiden tour of America.

“I didn’t come with my full band but I had skeletal stuff made up of my DJ and manager.

“We are glad that everything went according to plan and we hope to build from that experience that we had in the US,” he said.

Freeman spent the Easter holidays in the US together with the likes of DJ  Levels, Tariro Gezi, Madam Boss and Trevor Dongo, thanks to Xcelerate Enterprise.

The Zimbabwean contingent performed at the Gravity Lounge, during a spring break festival, dubbed “Zimbabwe Music and Cultural Festival.”

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