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Kimberley Majange

SOME Dairibord vendors yesterday abandoned their push carts in Harare’s CBD to dance to  Freeman’s music as the chanter was rehearsing ahead of his album launch at Old Hararians on  Saturday.

He was rehearsing with the self-acclaimed dancehall queen DaRuler.

In an interview, two young female vendors could not hide their elation.

“Freeman has always been one of our favorite artistes.

“We admire the message that his songs carry, most of his songs tends to answer questions that most people need an answer to and that other people are not even able to answer.

“There is a song by him titled Moyo Wangu if my memory still serves me well, the song encourages single mothers.

“We can’t wait for his album launch we are his biggest fans. Anywhere we have to hurry back to our business people might steal products,” said one of the women.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman also came to check after hearing Freeman rehearsing.

“I wanted to see Freeman after I heard his voice but the door is locked why?” said pregnant lady.

Freeman’s performance also grabbed the attention of other children who were doing extra lessons next door and started dancing along to his tunes.

Speaking to H-Metro after his rehearsals following watching the videos of his fans that were dancing to his tunes from outside, Freeman said he was overexcited that the fans were admiring his music to this extent.

“I’m very impressed after seeing these videos and pictures of my fans who were dancing to my music

“I am much honored, I didn’t know that there were fans outside listening to the tunes,” he said.

The two women requested for a photoshoot with Freeman and they were granted their request.

HKD boss further promised his fans fireworks from his forthcoming album launch.

“I assure my fans the best from my album launch, I won’t disappoint the fans. Gango album launch is going to be a massive one.” he added.

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