Maria Chiguvari

ZIM dancehall artiste, Freeman, has dropped a hint of the album he will launch at what is expected to be a mega event at Alex Sports Club on Saturday night.

The album will be released on Thursday and the launch will be held two days later at what is becoming Freeman’s venue of choice.

Last year, he also launched his album at the same venue.

The event broke all records, in terms of attendance, at the sports club and, one year later, the numbers are still to be matched.

Organisers believe they will match, and even break, the records they set last year.

This will be his 11th album and the project is a reflection of his musical journey.

The album cover is a picture of him looking in the mirror showing his reflection.

“My journey to you in the best visual way I can express possible. Ndotenda imi mose MaGallis. To you I present the TROPHY cover.

“The project consists of 13 tracks and is a reflection of my journey since I started the music career.

“It will be my 11th album since I have embarked on this musical journey since 2008.

“It consists of various features which will be a surprise to most people

“My Target Market is just the general population at large, from the youths to the elderly to kids in pre-school and adults alike.”

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