Mangaliso Kabulika

DANCEHALL artist, Tawanda Shara, is releasing his debut 14-tracked album dubbed Simba at the Museum of African Liberation.

Tawanda developed his passion for music during his school days when he used to bang desks and performing for his classmates.

He said the songs in the album are shaped by his deep roots in Mbare and are set to paint a different perception of the ghetto.

“I am a proud Mbare resident and I want to prove to people that there are better-minded people who have a passion to better themselves in Mbare.

“I want my music to tell the story of my community to uplift others. I wrote this album targeting every person of every age and I hope with every song they are able to grasp the message behind it and it will change their lives,” said Tawanda.

His producer, Voyage, said he has an agenda to empower youths achieve their goals.

“I have the love to equip youth in the arts industry, as they are the future of tomorrow, and to achieve our goal of leaving no youth behind by 2030.

“My goal is to see the youths doing well in the arts industry, so this is the reason I decided to help Tawanda because I have seen he has a melodical voice.”

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