From rags to riches

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From rags to riches Brandon Angelo


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A 23-year-old Budiriro man says poverty inspired him to fight hard and make a break through forex trading.

Brandon Angelo quit his academic journey in 2019 after poverty struck him.

Brandon Angelo

His humble beginning further devastated him after he lost his lover to a ‘blesser;


“I was studying Business Studies at University of Zimbabwe and my financial issues were really bad.

Brandon Angelo

“During that time I was dating someone who was later snatched by a ‘blesser’ due to my weak financial status.


“My financial issues were down and I was staying in Budiriro. Poverty at times drive you nowhere and I felt it, you can feel kuti uri murombo chaiye and I had to look for ideas.


“I then began to watch videos on YouTube after I felt pained by poverty.


“So someone advised me to try forex trading online and he urged me to deposit some money in an account.


“Nhamo yakazoti yarova manje and I then used my money for accommodation which I turned into trading. I started seeking help from people who are into trading including Kuda Manzanga and others.


“I tried and began to follow the channels,” he said.


Brandon said forex trading is one of the most paying market.


“How you make money is through buying and selling of currencies on the international market.


“You put money in an account and forex trading is one of the leading market producing US$7 trillion in every 24 hours. I started this because of poverty.


“Everyone was now laughing at me, even my parents ended up saying I was giving them trouble.


“So I borrowed US$250 which became difficult to pay back and I had to be assisted by my parents.


“Since I was in dedication mood I was seeing my breakthrough.


“End of 2020 I started a forex trading company Binary Disaster in which I started doing signals, seminars, assisting people,” he added.


From the dust of Budiriro, Brandon had his first trading marathon which was attended by many people.


“My best was trading US$80 to US$1000 in two hours and that gave me confidence. I managed to buy my first car, Altezza, Honda Fit, Mercedes and I have lost count.


“I even bought my father a car, unfortunately he didn’t drive it, he died due to Covid-19.


“This year I turned US$4000 to around US$100k in two weeks. I bought the latest Brabus G Wagon 2018 model.


“My net worth is now going towards US$200k. Forex trading helps youths, it’s an industry that can help them pay for their fees.


“The problem there are many people manipulating those who are not aware of the trade.


“Forex trading is number leading market in the world. For someone who is starting we can help in teaching.


“In every industry you need a mentor on how to start trading.”


He urged the youths to be resilient.


“Don’t waste time when you have a chance and a lot of people are manipulating those who are not aware.


“I can see where I came from, it was always poverty but it’s through forex trading that I am here today.


“Never give up one day it will be great.


“People right now think ndakaromba, ndakatozobva because of that, it’s because my breakthrough came on the right time,” said Brandon.

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