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DYNAMIC Zim HipHop pair, Dough Major and Dingo Duke, have released their first joint album titled From Shebeenia With Love.

In an interview with H-Metro, Dingo Duke spoke about how they came up with the concept of the album.

From Shebeenia With Love is a joint album by rapper Dough Major and Dingo Duke and it has 18 tracks and one interlude.

“The story behind the title From Shebeenia With Love serves as a letter to someone far away, letting them know that we are coming to them From Shebeenia With Love and we will adapt to any situation, whether during good times when we party and have fun, or tough times when we hustle.

“Despite the negativity towards the word Shebeen, we used it in the sense of social commentary.”

Dingo spoke about some of the artistes who featured on the album and said he appreciated the support they received from other rappers in the industry.

“We featured R. Peels, Wes the Rapper, Seven Cadre, Vannel, Radley, TeryKush, Cyrus, Tatenda LXA, Tidech, and a host of other talented artists.

“I also want to commend R. Peels because he was one of the rappers who stood with us all the way and he was so instrumental in the compilation of this album that he could have featured on a lot of other tracks if he wanted to.”

Dough Major highlighted the uniqueness of the album.

From Shebeenia With Love is unique because we don’t sugar-coat stories, we tell them as it is, for example, if I  wanted to say youths are abusing illicit substances because they are unemployed, I say it exactly that way.

“I will simply say they are abusing these substances and I won’t use euphemisms and say youths of today are drunkards.

“Some who don’t understand may say we are endorsing drug and substance abuse but we will be raising awareness and breaking the silence about serious social issues.”

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