From Zim dancehall to gospel

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From Zim dancehall to gospel Apostle Pee


Kundainashe Chimbi

UPCOMING artist, Pritchard “Apostle Pee” Masango, says it was not easy switching from Zimdancehall to gospel music.

Apostle Pee, whose music career was inspired by life in the ghetto where he grew up, said most people did not welcome his move.

“I got inspired by the community I grew up in – Dzivaresekwa, a ghetto where many people do different things.

“I faced challenges when I switched from Zimdancehall to gospel, and the challenges still exist.

“This is because my fans did not react very well, a lot of people are still questioning my decision and other artists who were my friends even told me that I made the wrong decision.

“It feels like it was easier when I was doing Zimdancehall than now although some people have started understanding and appreciating what I am doing,” he said.

The talented artist told H-Metro that he became a Zimdancehall artist without knowing God had other plans for him.

“I grew up to be an artist without knowing God had other plans for me, so I became a dancehall artist.

“I was doing well as a dancehall artist, I worked with artists such as Freeman, Jay C and others, but there were moments where I would feel something is lacking in my life.

“I used to have a series of dreams with different people telling me that I am a man of God.

“I started going to church when things were not well for me, that is when I fell in love with God and I became a man of God. I always balance my work as an artist and as an apostle.”

Apostle Pee said he is working on a new album.

“A lot of projects are coming and there is a gospel compilation comprising many churches titled Tomurumbidza Volume One.

“With God’s grace, in the next five years I see myself changing lives through music and delivering the best.

“I do not regret switching to gospel music, but there are moments where I miss the dancehall environment because people there appreciate music for music.

“In gospel music, especially when you are a man of God, you do not really know if the applause is real,” he said.

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