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THE rate at which fuel stations are being built in Harare is now out of control.

This was said by Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs and Devolution Secretary Tafadzwa Muguti.

Muguti was speaking at a Highlands Residents Association meeting held at the Highlands Presbyterian Church last Friday. He engaged residents on issues affecting the suburb and surrounding areas.

“I am also not a fan of service stations, they are already too many. I am not a fan of billboards,” he said.

“They are already too many but I’m also not a fan of service stations, which go into wetlands and other places like what’s going on now.

“We now have houses which are being turned into service stations.

“So, it’s getting a bit crazy, in fact it’s now crazy actually.”

Muguti said under the Regional Town and Country Planning Act, there is no development, which should be approved without following engagements with residents.

“I can confirm that the bulk of the service stations that we have, either there was no consultation, or petitions did not pass through our offices,” said Muguti.

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