Mangaliso Kabulika 

TINASHE Shumbayawonda, a university student, is defying the odds and pursuing his dreams by showcasing his exceptional dancing skills to finance his education. 

Having experienced the heartbreaking loss of his parents at a young age, Tinashe’s spirit and dedication have led him to find solace and success in the world of wedding choreography while diligently balancing his academic commitments.

Confronted with the challenges of his circumstances, he discovered a natural talent for dance and transformed it into an opportunity to fund his studies.

Despite the demanding schedule of a university student, Tinashe, now on third-year student, has managed to strike a harmonious balance between his academic pursuits and passion for dance.

He dedicates his days to rigorous coursework and scholarly endeavours, ensuring that his education remains his top priority. When the sun sets he embarks on dance lessons where he will be booked.

“Losing my parents at a tender age was a devastating blow, but it also ignited a fire within me to stand up on my own. 

“I realised that I needed to take charge of my future and create opportunities for myself.

“During the day, I immerse myself in books and lectures, striving to excel academically but when night falls, a different world opens up, and I transform into a dancer. 

“It is during those late-night rehearsals and weekend gigs that I feel alive, motivated, and ready to conquer any obstacles that come my way.”

He added:

“This journey hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Dancing has given me a purpose, a means to pursue my dreams and a way to honour the memory of my parents. 

“Life obstacles should never stop anyone from achieving their dreams. I did not want to burden my guardians and I urge everyone in my situation to take charge of their life.

“Everyone is born with a unique talent or skill. Make use of that and pursue your dreams. I will not rest until I have my degree.”

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