Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

BRENDAN GALLOWAY believes that besides presenting an opportunity to enhance performance, the Four Nations tournament in Lilongwe, Malawi will afford the Warriors time to get closer to each other.

It will also promote unity among the troops.

The tournament also features Malawi, Kenya and Zambia.

The senior team will kick-off their tournament with a semi-final clash against Zambia on Saturday.

“It’s nice to be with the boys again. Everyone is looking forward to these two games together. Hopefully, it will come out nicely.

“Hopefully, it will be two wins.

“It’s always positive, you know, the new faces, you know we welcome them. I haven’t been there for some time.”

He added:

“You know, I have been welcomed with pleasure so we can always fight together, helping each other.

“That is the most important thing. We can always support one another as a team.”

The 28-year-old, who has played 20 games for the English Championship side Plymouth Argyle, said he was happy to be back into the Warriors fold.

“I have just come here to do my best. It’s always an honour to represent my country. I will try my best to help the team win the Four Nations Cup,” he said.

“I am grateful to be back in the team. I am humbled and I can only give out my best to help my country in this tournament.

“I am very happy to be back amongst this group of players. It gives me so much joy.”

The Warriors are under the tutelage of Norman Mapeza.

He is being assisted by Takesure Chiragwi.

The full complement of the squad is already in Malawi after the rest of the foreign brigade arrived in Lilongwe late on Tuesday.

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