Game Changer is apolitical: Zhakata

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Game Changer is apolitical: Zhakata Leonard Zhakata


12 November 2018

Leonard Zhakata

LEONARD Zhakata’s handlers insist their latest single entitled Game Changer featuring Herentals Group of Colleges boss Innocent Benza on the sleeve, is apolitical.

The clarification comes after some political commentators reportedly misinterpreted the song in line with their parties, according to Zhakata’s handlers.

The Mugove hit-maker’s most trusted lieutenant, Cossy Rules, said Zhakata was just an entertainer whose songs have over the years been interpreted differently.

“Look, Zhakata is an artiste and people have their own interpretations when it comes to messages conveyed.

“At times a song can may have a title which has ‘political’ connotations when in fact it is a love song.

“I think you have seen it happening with other artistes but they will be meaning something completely different,” he said.

Cossy Rules said Zhakata was not moved by the said political connotations.

“Zhakata is a creative genius we all know and his job is to sing.

“He was also shocked by claims that his track is a political song when in fact is a party song as we heard into the festive season.

“It comes in two versions with the first one being recorded by Jabulani Ndlovu on a sungura beat while the other one done by Oskid has a house beat.

“This was only meant for party people and Zora cadres who happen to be his followers know very well that Zhakata will remain a musician and not politician.

“On the album sleeve featuring Benza, we all know his story and he came in football as a game changer in his own right.

“So in short, we are simply celebrating milestones and in this case, we all know what Zhakata has achieved over a very long period of time and we also know the milestones that Benza did.

“On that note, it should be clear that milestones is all about achievements and milestones people achieve in society,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zhakata thrilled fans at Cossy Rules doubled belated birthday and victory celebrations held in Waverly Kadoma.

Peter Moyo and Kireni Zulu along with local act performed at the event.


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