Garbage, stagnant water pools ticking health bomb for Mbare

14 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Garbage, stagnant water pools ticking health bomb for Mbare STAGNANT water and uncollected garbage have put Mbare residents’ lives at risk


Talent Gore

GARBAGE, stagnant water and swarms of flies in Mbare are like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

So dire is the situation in Mbare that residents risk contracting water-borne diseases, among may other health challenges.

It’s yet another reminder of the failure by Harare City Council to provide services for its residents.

“You see this heap of rubbish over there, it has been there for months now, council is not even coming to clear it,” said Mbare resident, Monica Paradza.

“We are now in the rainy season and this is how cholera and typhoid start because this has become a breeding place for water-borne diseases.

“The refuse is near shops, which makes it very unhealthy for us.

“Mbare is a busy place and the least the council can do is to come and collect all the refuse in this area because now we are at risk of contracting diseases.”

Paradza said the garbage areas had also become mosquito breeding grounds.

“We do not sleep well at night, due to the mosquitoes that breeding in the garbage area,” she said.

“They should, at least, provide plastic bins for residents so that people can stop dumping refuse at undesignated places.”

A welder in the area said the situation had been worsened by rains.

“It has slowed down my business, no one wants to work close to rubbish but what can I really do? This is where I get money to feed my family.”

“The situation gets worse during the rainy season because now it will be water plus garbage. We cannot be battling Covid-19 and water-borne diseases like cholera. We know the council is capable of clearing this area but they just don’t want to do so.

“We have complained before but nothing has happened. I don’t remember the last time I saw the council collecting garbage in this area.”

Another resident, Tererai Mandizvidza, however, blamed the Mbare community.

“While council has let us down by failing to collect garbage on time, residents are also to blame. They have a tendency of disposing litter through windows and this heap of garbage is a result of that.

“Residents need to know that they are responsible for their own health and by littering the area, they are not helping this situation. You have also seen the mess in the toilets and who do we blame for that? All this creates breeding conditions for diseases.”

Council acting spokesperson, Innocent Ruwende, said they were working to address the situation.

“Council’s position is that it collects the waste from the skip bins daily, using skip trucks and deploys tipper trucks and Front End Loaders to assist now and again,” he said.

“However, the recurrence rate is high and as such the city is capacitating its amenities division to ensure that we improve on waste collection.”

Ruwende said council was expecting to take delivery of 10 refuse compactors in the first quarter of the year and five skip trucks.

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