Gary Tight CD auctioned for US$2k

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Gary Tight CD auctioned for US$2k


Takawira Photovet Dapi, H-Metro Reporter

GARRY, son to Willom Tight, was all smiles last Friday when his debut album Nzira Yangu was auctioned for US$2000 at EastPoint.

The 25-year-old dedicated the album to his late mentor Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi who ushered him into the music world at Sam Mtukudzi memorial show.

“I salute the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi with the belief that he had in me; imagine Dr Tuku is a brand that almost everybody on earth cannot hesitate to work with or read about.

“I dedicate this album to the life he lived, we are who we are because of his passionate contribution to arts,” he said.

Garry said he will always cherish the late national hero who also gave him tools of the trade.

“Mudhara Tuku blessed me specifically by giving me this expensive acoustic guitar, by tolerating with ease to record audios and videos with him.

“His home studio was my home and is still my home.

“I cannot say I featured Mudhara Tuku, I will be burying myself alive by that dream.

“Deep down from me, Mudhara Tuku launched me, Dr Oliver Mtukudzi launched Garry Tight before his death.

“He really loved me so I must not let Mudhara Tuku down, I must be the future of today,” he said.

His manager Max Mugaba praised the youngster for a polished album.

“This is Garry Tights’ first album, this time, Garry Tight really tightened his musical strings hence his first album launch today (13 March 2020).

“He used to do and release a lot of Afrobeat music singles, and he is now finding himself after having been mentored by a Tuku trajectory, I think you remember that Garry was part of the late Tuku’s late son Sam Mtukudzi’s band automatically meaning that Mudhara Tuku was his mentor, so it is so befitting that he had to have this soulful album going this Afro-pop music.

“It will take him a bit of time, yes because even the likes of Jah Prayzah, Macheso, Zhakata , the Charambas all took their albums, you find Macheso has over six albums, Jah Prayzah has over four albums, and for Garry, this is his first album, Nzira Yangu, that is the name of the album.

“It is all about his future, not about where he is coming from, we are expecting people to warm up on it because on a couple of weeks, he gonna be dropping a video of each of these songs after every fortnight,” he said.

Mugaba also praised the production team that helped Garry on his debut album.

“Garry started working on Nzira Yangu last year 2019 around September.

“It was entirely recorded in South Africa by Munya Viali, who was Dr Tuku’s Blacks Spirits keyboardist,” said Mugab.

On whether there are any projects he recorded with his late mentor, Mugaba said:

“You will find out very soon, it is not just Mudhara Tuku per say, with Mudhara Tuku, they had a father and son relationship, so there is a lot that we have to expect from him.

“I don’t know what really it is, it is a special project.”

One of the guests at the launch, Dumisani “Chief Dums” Borerwe who bought the CD for US$2000, praised Garry for his talent.

“Garry is our Zimbabwean Ray Phiri, I have parted away with these thousands of as the only way to make Garry’s mentor Dr Oliver Mtukudzi’s dream on Garry Tight come true one day.

“Remember Garry was blessed with an acoustic guitar by Dr Tuku before he eventually died, a thing we never witnessed Tuku doing to all those who were around him.

“I was also excited by the blessings he Garry got from many artistes like Seh Calaz, Extra Large, Mono Mukundu who toured the world with Dr Tuku as Blacks Unlimited band‘ s lead guitarist,” he said.



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