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13 February 2018

Gary Tight

UPCOMING musician, Gary Tight has appointed a new management team consisting of manager Godfrey “Vokal” Bakasa and publicist, King George Damson.

The changes were effected on February 9 and Vokal accompanied Gary Tight to the official launch of Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo’s comeback gig last Friday.


Asked what necessitated the changes, King George said: “Gary Tight is an upcoming star, who has a great future ahead of him and as such he would want to have a team that can help the brand reach its maximum potential and it is the wisdom of the partners involved that this is the team to do that.

“The new development means that there will be a fresh approach to all matters concerning the brand Gary Tight. You will see a more visible brand that will generate positive vibes in the entertainment industry.”

King George

Given that Vokal and King George have been more visible in dancehall circles, their joining hands with Gary Tight might suggest a change of genres for Willom Tight’s son. However, King George said that was not the case.

“Not at all. Our involvement with dancehall does not mean that Gary Tight will change his genre to dancehall. He will become a stronger brand in the genre that he is in now. We are confident that the experience drawn from dancehall will help us navigate any challenge. Mind you Vokal has also managed the biggest rapper in the land – in Stunner.”

Gary Tight

On whether there is a future for Gary Tight, who is a full-time musician, on the music scene.

“Of course there is inexhaustible room for his music in Zimbabwe and beyond. This is our approach.”

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