Gasa drops new visuals

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Gasa drops new visuals ROMEO Gasa says he is now busy with preparations for the new cropping season to supplement his earnings.


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ROMEO Gasa says he is now busy with preparations for the new cropping season to supplement his earnings.

The 33-year-old who runs a plot in Chinhoyi said he had no option but to keep himself busy at a time their sector remains affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m someone who has always been multitasking but to be honest with you I love music,” said the Extra Valembe boss.


The former Chibuku Road To Fame winner who has a small family and a band to sustain said he was struggling to make ends meet.


“We are living in an era where one needs to quickly adjust and change career paths but I would tell you that’s not as easy as is being said.

“It’s like telling a world class footballer who is on his peak to switch trades and try something he has never done in his entire life.


“So in other words, we are living in an era where we need psychologists to come and help us because on our own we can’t,” he said.


On his plans for the last quarter of the year, Gasa said he was now focusing on the cropping season.


“As a farmer, I am ready for the new cropping season because I don’t want to be caught off guard.


“The only problem now is that music is my first love and I can’t imagine myself doing farming without music.


“With farming, you harvest once but with music you harvest regularly which is better becuase you are guaranteed some source of income at some point,” he said.


He added:


“Farming is as good as gambling because you can either make a killing or sink depending on various factors.


“However, I’m always fighter who concedes defeat when necessary as well as soldiering on when the going gets tough.”


Meanwhile, Gasa said since released beautiful visuals for the song Mashura off his album Code 263 which was launched in 2018.


Despite its popularity, fans have been asking for its visuals which were unveiled last week.


“We shot the video in Harare  and Juru Growth Point as a way of boosting the sales of our yesteryear songs.


“There are special people who helped me in this project which I never believed would be that popular with fans.


“I will do visuals of some of the songs which were popular with fans to keep myself busy,”  he said.




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