‘Gateway bomb alert a hoax’

25 May, 2018 - 16:05 0 Views
‘Gateway bomb alert a hoax’


25 May 2018

EXPERTS from the police and army yesterday declared Gateway High safe following a bomb scare at the school on Wednesday night.

Only those sitting for Cambridge examinations were allowed to the school in the morning while the non-exam students that had not received the headmaster’s message were sent back home.

Exams were held in the school hall, which had been certified safe.

The school received the warning from an anonymous email on Wednesday and immediately alerted parents to keep their children at home while experts attended to the problem.

Members of police were already at the school by 9pm to secure the school premises while a thorough search involving the bomb disposal unit took place yesterday morning.

In a message to parents on Tuesday night, Gateway High headmaster, Tunga Mashungu said that they were treating the email from an untraceable source seriously hence the decision to approach police and the army.

“Dear Parents/Guardians

“Good evening to you all. We received an email from an untraceable source that we are treating as a security threat as it is claiming that some explosive devices have been planted in our school. We have engaged the police, security forces and bomb disposal unit.

“The Police are already on campus to secure the campus for the night as I send out this communication and the Bomb disposal Unit will begin to scan the campus and buildings at 6am tomorrow morning. They have assured me that the campus will be safe by 8am tomorrow morning and they will continue to monitor the campus for the rest of the day.

“In fine with their recommendation I would like to request that parents DO NOT bring their children to school tomorrow morning. This a safety measure and will also allow the security forces to carry out their duties without any pressure.

“Candidates writing Cambridge exams are to come and wait by the shelter at the gate and will be ushered in to a safe area in the school where their exam will be written.

“Those writing in the afternoon will not affected. The form one consultation which was scheduled for the afternoon (3-6pm) will also not be affected and will happen in the hall as previously advertised.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision and hope that the security threat will be eradicated swiftly tomorrow morning. Thank you for your continued support.

“Mr T. Mashungu Headmaster”

Most Zimbabweans on social media were adamant that the bomb alert was a hoax as the country and its citizens are peace loving.

The public was however, agreed that the school still had to take every measure to ensure that safety of students and staff was secured.

The school falls in Harare West and Member of Parliament, Jessie Majome yesterday tweeted:

“Dear Hre Westerners last night I couldn’t sleep out here in Kampala when I saw this from @larry_moyo until I contacted a teacher living @ a school on the Gateway complex. Thank fully she, her family & neighbours were safe & are today as no bomb was found. Too much excitement HWst.”

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