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. . . photos of male students kissing leak


GAY pictures of two young men believed to be Chinhoyi University of Technology students have gone viral.

One of the students has been identified as Takudzwa Chigeregede – a level one Fashion and Designing student while the other is yet to be identified.

The two captured themselves kissing in what some allege is a university hostel room.

The university, however, was diplomatic in responding to the issue and claimed they are investigating the issue since Monday.

Responding to questions from H-Metro on Monday, the university’s spokesperson, Musekiwa Cliton Tapera, confirmed receiving the pictures with the allegations.

“The University has indeed received the pictures circulating on social media but it still has to verify the authenticity of the pictures and the identity of the students,” he said.

“If indeed they are CUT students the University cannot quickly confirm social media material given the proliferation of damaging social media news in modern day society.

“However, the University is seized with the issue and conducting thorough investigations to authenticate the identity of the students in order to avoid causing psychological trauma on innocent students in the University.”
Tapera, had still not updated H-Metro on the investigations yesterday, four days after making the aforementioned assertions. Yesterday he promised to get back to H-Metro in an hour but his mobile was not available thereafter, until time of going to print.


However, in his Monday statement, Tapera made it clear that CUT does not condone homosexuality.

“If indeed these are pictures of our students, as a University we strongly condemn the act of putting such material in the public domain as it attracts public outrage and in effect tarnishes the good name of this solid and flourishing university.

“Any material of a sexual nature is a private matter, more so gay acts are strongly abhorred by our African Culture. It is the position of the institution that homosexuality is unacceptable in our society and the values and norms of society are integral in our existence as an institution.

“The nation is very clear on its position regarding homosexuality and to this extent CUT cannot be an exception,” he said.

“The pictures on social media present a unique case to the University and it is because of this that the University authorities want to explore every shred of evidence to the alleged acts in order to come up with a solid and well thought out course of action.”

Efforts to get comment from the alleged students were futile since Monday.

“Chigeregede was supposed to have a group discussion yesterday but excused himself after the leakage of the pictures.

“Haatorina pressure nazvo and it is public secret that he is gay; he acts funny,” said an H-Metro source.

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