Gemma collaborates with Nutty O, Asaph

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Gemma collaborates with Nutty O, Asaph Gemma, Asaph Africa, Nutty O


Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

AWARD-WINNING songbird Gemma Griffiths is set to collaborate with Nutty O and Asaph Africa in new song titled 263 on Friday.

The MuGarden singer said she has been working on this project and recently taken to her social media page to share with her fans that she is ready to drop the track.


“Are you ready?


“‘263 drops on Friday featuring Nutty O, Di Bwoy and Asaph Afrika, head over to my YouTube to subscribe.


“Set your reminders for 10am on Friday! #263 BIG tings,” she wrote.


Speaking to Asaph, he said he was happy to have worked with Nutty O and Gemma.


“It was a great experience working alongside those two.


“It shows a greater part of bringing Zimbabwe together because I am from Bulawayo and Gemma and Nutty O are from Harare,” he said.


He said the song 263 is a love song.


“Basically, 263 is a love song, 263 representing Zimbabwe.


“It all about how two people start talking to each other and eventually fall in love with each other over the phone,” he told H-Metro.


Asked if he would like to work with Gemma and Nutty O again in the future, he said:


“Definitely, I would love to do more projects with both of them in the future.


“I have learnt a lot from them and I believe through working together we can achieve much more.”


Meanwhile, Nutty O’s manager Byron Kabaira said that the two – Gemma and Nutty O – have been working on a project together for a while.


He also revealed that it has been an amazing experience for Gemma to work with Nutty O and also Asaph Afrika.

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