GEMMA OPENS UP. . . reveals her battles, faith, prayers

Maria Chiguvari

GEMMA Griffiths says music is a painkiller.

This follows the release of her new song titled Ndichatarisa.

The song was released last week.

Gemma said the song was a powerful testament to her unshakable faith.

It delivers a message of hope, boundless resilience and unwavering trust.

Drawing from her profound storytelling talent, and a deep passion for crafting poignant narratives, Ndichatarisa is an emotional symphony that is likely to leave an indelible mark on every heart it touches.

“I penned Ndichatarisa during a period of profound setbacks in my life,” she told H-Metro.

“I felt lost amidst the turmoil but, as always, music became my refuge.

“It reminded me that even in life’s darkest moments, strength and guidance can be found through faith.

“I cried out to God, feeling unable to navigate the path to healing alone and, in Him, I found peace.

“’Ndichatarisa’ was my prayer, a part of my healing process and I hope it resonates with others during times of pain,” Gemma said.

Emmanuel “Manuchie” Chiwanga, who was responsible for the production, said the songbird has since expressed how she wanted to do a gospel song.

“I never thought we would work together on anything considering where Gemma is in her music career.

“I first started playing in her band in 2018 and, more recently in 2022, but I consider myself a newcomer to the artist/production tag.

“I have a few works myself and with The Unveiled so, when Gemma called me for a music session, I was happy.

“We worked on a different song at first which, even though it was a vibe, there was a block of writing on that song.”

He added:

“Gemma had been expressing how much she wanted to do something more gospel and she would pray.

“That’s when I started building the beat which we now know as ‘Ndichatarisa.’

“That session flowed seamlessly and pretty much we nailed the song in it.

“She went quiet for a few days and I was wondering if anything would become of it.

“To my surprise, she got in touch saying her team loved it. I’m so grateful to God as the reaction from the entire country to our work has been incredible.”

She had a tour in the United States this past August, which included performances in Salt Lake City and Dallas.

Gemma graced the stage at the just-ended Shoko Festival in Harare.

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