Gemma stars in euro doccie

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Gemma stars in euro doccie Gemma Griffiths


Faith Mandizha

AFRO pop musician, Gemma Griffiths, has been selected for a Yamaha Music documentary.

The documentary series is called “The Way Up” which is about signwriting, creativity and all things involving music.

She travelled to New York, United States, where it was filmed.

Six other artists were involved in the project for a week.

Other artists, who featured in the project, are Same Fischer, Jas Kayser, Mopiano, Katie and Jordan Hawkins.

“I can’t wait for you all to see this amazing journey on film.

“We wrote music, created and made lifelong connection in the Way Up House,”posted Gemma on social media.

Yamaha is a business company involved in the manufacture and sale of audio products, professional audio equipment, information and telecommunication equipment.

It also empowers people to make waves with their sound and music.

Gemma is currently trending on YouTube with the song ‘Huya Tinamate’ featuring Enzo off Homo Nendarira Riddim produced by Chillspot Records.

Gemma rose to fame after featuring on MuGarden in a collabo with Winky D.

She has several popular songs like Maitabasa Baba and Tirangarire.

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