General Bazuka, Midzi conquer Australia

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General Bazuka, Midzi conquer Australia Jaison Midzi


…crooners release powerful collabo

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

AUSTRALIA based crooner and health worker Mabasa “General Bazuka” Ziyambi says he believes in strong synergies.

The affable crooner, who has settled well overseas as an artiste, has begun collaborating with fellow Zimbabwean artistes plying their trade in diaspora.

General Bazuka

His latest ‘bromance’ with fellow former BV Labien Musica founder Jaison Midzi in Adelaide, Australia could be what the merry-makers have been waiting for over the years.


The two pals have since released a duet together titled Yarira Ngoma, which has beautiful visuals.

General Bazuka

The pair’s well-knit collabo, which is supremely divine to the ear, has since been uploaded online, soothing souls of music lovers back home and overseas.


In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle from his Aussie base, General Bazuka promised more collaborations between the two.


“Jaison a health care worker based in Adelaide. We met at a function in Canberra where we quickly arranged a band to perform live with other likeminded Zimbabweans and others from different nationalities.


“We realised that once there is talent we can easily perform. I think from that day we started exchanging notes. He is a good listener and has a history in Zimbabwean art industry,” he said.


General Bazuka said he and Midzi have a lot in common which made their connection easier.


“Music wise he is a drummer and vocalist and I am a drummer too though most of the times I concentrate more on vocals and song writing.


“He is the most prominent Zimbabwean musician in Adelaide and I also command a good following in Sydney.


“He is also fluent in DRC language ‘Lingala’ and these fuses well with our Zimbabwean dialect,” he said.


Asked how long they took work on the single, General Bazuka explained:


“The single Yarira Ngoma took us two months to complete due to our busy schedules and also that we are both perfectionist.


“We both want a proper job done. This is evidenced by how this song is being received by our fans.”


Following the instant success of Yarira Ngoma, the two camps are hoping for Covid-19 cases to recede and hold joint shows together.


“When this pandemic is gone, we are promising the tour of Australia and of course coming to perform in Zimbabwe.


“My team ‘Corvus Vibration’ can’t wait to travel outside Australia. Additionally, the success of our track will prompt us to do more for our fans.


“I can’t rule out more productions in future since we are constantly in touch with Midzi.”


General Bazuka, who has been approached by several artistes in Australia for collaborations, said he was open to new synergies.


“I respect all artistes in the world and I don’t turn down a Zimbabwean artist because I believe it’s a learning process.


“I have a lot of artistes asking to do collaboration with me.


“Recently, I was approached by a reggae female artiste from Trinidad and Tobago based here in Australia and we are already working on a single.


“I also approach others I believe will help me grow. For instance, I have a project with Slizer (Motswana diva) which is almost complete and the video almost ready.  It’s a beautiful piece not to miss,” he said.


Besides his success, General Bazuka said he would not force his children to follow in his footsteps.


“Australia is a country with a lot of opportunities and families will always chose what’s best for them.


“In Australia kids are not forced to take professions as was the case when we grew up in Zimbabwe so we just play by the ear.


“If one volunteers to take up music then we can support but the music might not be Zimbabwean as our kids experience different cultures, peers and fans,” he said.


Asked what he learnt from the Midzi partnership, he added;


“Respect, being humble and not giving up. Building a name is a foreign country is not an easy task.


“It needs a lot of patience and reading the market. We both have been patient and have not forgotten our culture hence we are still hanging in there flying the Zimbabwean flag.”


In another interview, the Midzi who fronts Diversity Music Collective explained what inspired his collaboration with General Bazuka.


“We are the big two musicians from Zimbabwe in Australia living 1600km apart with Bazuka being in Sydney and Jaison Midzi living in Adelaide.


“We felt it was good for us to do a song together so that we can be able to share our experiences and give good music to all Australians. Me and Bazuka have been friends for a long time,” he said.


Midzi’s also boasts of a star-studded outfit made up of members from different nationalities from Scotland, Liberia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, Colombia and Zimbabwe.

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