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GEO Pomona Waste management is set to generate 16-22mw of power by 2026.

Inside, it boasts of basketball courts, tennis courts, parking lots and a soccer field which is now about 90 percent complete.

Those who used to pick up garbage have now been formally employed and are leading a decent life.

The project has so far created employment for, at least, 188 people, moving a gear up with landscaping for a 25 000 square metre area and road tarring already done, while landfill encapsulation is on schedule. 

Speaking during a media tour yesterday, Geo Pomona chief executive, Delish Nguwaya, said they were on the right track to complete the project.

“Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd offers long-term and sustainable environmental solutions through innovative technology of waste-to-energy plants,” he said.

“The project focuses on a well-organised direction for health, safety and the environment, considering the best international experiences in this field that will be applied by international experts employed.

“So far, we are right on track and believe that we will be able to finish all the projects that we are going to be carrying out by 2026.”

He added:

“We are working flat out to ensure that by end of 2026 we will be done.

“We want to show the world that we are not here to play, we are working in line with the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).”

Among other objectives, the company is aiming to transform the waste management site into a modern recycling plant which will generate up to 22 megawatts of electricity from methane generated from rotting waste.

Nguwaya said trucks coming on site to dispose of waste go through the weighbridge and weights are recorded. 

“Details of types of waste, where the waste is coming from, weight of the waste, company disposing of waste, name of driver, truck registration details and time are recorded,” he said.

“I am happy to share that this project has seen us create employment, there is a 208 percent increase in staff complement from 61 personnel in January 2023 to 188 personnel in September 2023,” he said.

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