Get out of my court, man ordered

21 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Get out of my court, man ordered


Natasha Mbewe

A HARARE man, who was dragged to the Maintenance Court by his ex-wife, was yesterday kicked out by the magistrate for inappropriate dressing.

Tanaka Naychiye had come to court wearing a tracksuit bottom and flip flops. And, as he made his way when his name was called, magistrate Ayanda Dhlamini showed him the door.

“Get out of my courtroom, you’re not properly dressed,” said magistrate Dhlamini.

Tanaka sheepishly walked out of the courtroom and the matter went ahead with his ex-wife, Otilia Mhako, pleading her case before the magistrate.

“I am demanding US$50 for the upkeep of our four-month-old baby,” said Otilia.

“Is that the money you wrote in the papers?” asked magistrate Dhlamini.

“I had applied for US$150, but after I saw that his contract had been terminated, I am claiming US$50,” she responded.

The magistrate granted Otilia her claim.

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