Ghetto boy turns entrepreneur

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Ghetto boy turns entrepreneur Anywell Chamu Takarova (R) and his crew


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

FROM the ragged dusty streets of Warren Park to a reliable Toyota auto-parts entrepreneur. The story of Anywell ‘Chamu’ Takarova (AT) is an inspirational book. H-Metro’s Latwell Nyangu (LN) caught up with him. Read on:

LN: How are you copying up?

Anywell Chamu Takarova in his warehouse

AT: Forex has been a major challenge and it’s a difficult phase which I believe will come to pass.

LN: At your age you have made some strides in the business industry?

AT: It’s a journey which I started through small savings when I would stock second hand Toyota spare parts for resale. The demand grew bigger before I began supplying the parts.

LN: Your business background?

AT: I am a 34-year-old, director of Toyotatech Autoparts Pvt Limited and this is a true testimony of ambition, endurance and determination.

I started off this journey by selling second hand Toyota auto-parts.

LN: How long has been the journey?

AT: The journey is now ten years and we are still dreaming for an international appeal in supplying motor spares.

We started by selling computer boxes, censors and people know me for selling Toyota auto-parts and companies. We started supplying whilst taking the orders from other suppliers and with small savings I decided to start my own business.

LN: What is your area of specialty?

AT: I am specialising in Toyota parts, big cars, Hilux and many others and the demand for Toyota parts pushed me to venture into this business.

LN: Why Toyota auto-parts not other cars?

AT: I just loved anything to do with Toyota and nothing else.

LN: Your appeal?

AT: We are calling for the relevant authorities to prioritise things that are imported especially in the transport sector which is always busy. The relevant authorities should prioritise forex incentives for importers into helping the country.

The Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need assistance because they have a part to play in the economy.

LN: What does the entrepreneurial sector has to offer?

AT: There is transferring of skills and if government can support the entrepreneurship sector this will create employment. If this sector is expanded there will be more tax and we need to go beyond to other countries like Mozambique and many others.

LN: Where do you intend to take this business?

AT: We also need to be out of Harare and supply to Bulawayo, Mutare and other Toyota companies outside the country.

LN: Are you into corporate responsibility?

AT: We have been supporting the young talented artists and our company has also created employment. We have many plans in place where we have also worked with Bodyslam, Simba Chakare and we have been part of Madirirano.

LN: How have you deal with fake auto-parts suppliers?

AT: There are many fake products and we are unique because we provide quality products which are not fake that’s why we have managed to attract many customers.

With experience we are now aware of good suppliers from SA, Dubai, Thailand, who supply original parts and the brand has also been certified by more than 180 factories. The Standard Association of Zimbabwe has also approved our products and we affiliated to the motor industry

LN: And your five-year vision?

AT: We are expanding to survive and we are going to be a renowned international brand that sells Toyota auto-parts.

All the neighbouring countries will know about us soon, we want them to come Zimbabwe and we have strategic plans which we will be implementing soon.

LN: How do you handle competition against many motor parts suppliers?

AT: Since we provide genuine parts for Toyota we are not afraid of competition because we are competitive in the original parts and we guarantee that to our valued customers.

LN: How sustainable is your stock?

AT: Our stock available can sustain our customers for a long time, we are reliable and our prices are always good.

LN: Your desire for the unemployed youths?

AT: I am desired to change lives from streets of Warren Park, because this is where I came from.

I will raise the standards in the area I come from. We also work with Business Development Manager Elton Jim and his Business Excel Konsult.

LN: Chamu all the best.

AT: Welcome!

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