GHOST GAME!…Why did this man lie to us?

Robson Sharuko


LINCOLN Mutasa and his band of ZIFA leaders issued a statement yesterday telling us what we already knew – that the GHOST GAME against Botswana would not be played.

What they didn’t address was this simple question – WHY DID THEY LIE TO US?

After all, they are the same association who had posted on their official X (formerly Twitter) account on Tuesday that the game was set for the National Sports Stadium on Saturday.

“A Warriors squad made up of both local and foreign-based players is scheduled to play Botswana in an international friendly on Saturday, 14 October, 2023 at the National Sports Stadium in Harare,” announced ZIFA.

“The match kicks off at 1500 hours.

“Gate charges are as follows – US$5 Rest of the Ground, US$10 Bay 15-18, US$50 VIP.

“The squad will be publicised once all logistical issues have been finalised. Players will start arriving for camp on Wednesday.

“This match is an integral part of the country’s preparations for Match Days 1 and 2 of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers set for November 13 to 21.”

Yesterday, ZIFA made a U-turn, announcing that the game would not go ahead.

Of course, it was never going ahead because there was NEVER a game like this among the international games set for this FIFA international break. It wasn’t part of the plans for the Botswana Football Association this coming weekend with their CEO Mfolo Mfolo saying:

“We do not have an agreement to play Zimbabwe.”

The only place where this GHOST GAME existed was in the minds of those who are in charge of ZIFA.

It’s likely that, in their dreams, they saw the Warriors playing the Zebras in a friendly on Saturday and, just like that, decided to announce it as an upcoming fixture.

Even the boozers’ games are better arranged than what the ZIFA bosses tried to do with this one.

But, why were they lying?

“Maybe, the pressure of not organising any friendly international match, since they came into office, was unbearable,” said a source.

Maybe, Mutasa and his team thought because the two teams played in Botswana recently, it was given that they should also play at the home of the Warriors now.

Or, maybe, because the COSAFA Women’s Championships in South Africa yesterday, it was given that their men’s teams would meet in Harare this weekend.

Whatever the case, Mutasa should tell us why they were LYING to us?

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