Ginimbi granted bail

19 Feb, 2020 - 09:02 0 Views
Ginimbi granted bail Genius Kadungure (right)


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Flamboyant businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was on Tuesday granted $10 000 bail at the High Court.

Ginimbi who is facing fraud charges had spent two successive weekends in custody following his arrest on February 6.

He was ordered to deposit $10 000 with the clerk of court at Harare, report every Fridays at Police CICCD section and to surrender his passport.

The Dreams Night Club proprietor was also ordered to continue residing at his Kadungure Village in Domboshava.

He is also to surrender title deeds to Lot 3 of subdivision J of Subdivision B of Quinnington of Borrowdale Estate measuring 8064 square metres.

According to the State, the businessman allegedly connived with a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) official to doctor documents undervaluing his Bentley Continental GT he imported from South Africa.

Ginimbi is denying the charge arguing that police arrested him after he had already agreed on a settlement with ZIMRA who are complainants in the matter.

The State initially charged Ginimbi for allegedly defrauding the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) by deliberately undervaluing his luxurious vehicle.

Allegations are that the businessman connived with ZIMRA agent Alexander Gumbo to forge the vehicle’s value pegged at R3 281 784 to read R1 900 000.

ZIMRA then acted on the information and scanned the forged documents before uploading them on its system for duty processing on December 22 last year.

The vehicle’s duty was then placed R81 000 before the socialite was ordered to pay another R58 665.

For allegedly conniving with the ZIMRA official, the businessman’s bail was questioned with the magistrate concluding that he had committed the alleged offence whilst on bail of a similar crime.

However, Ginimbi says he has undertaken to pay ZIMRA all its dues.

Meanwhile, the businessman is expected back in court on February 28 for commencement of his tax evasion trial.


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