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18 October 2016

AS events unfolded at Genius Kadungure’s main birthday celebrations in Sandton Saturday night, focus turned on one particular lady who turned up barely dressed and did not shy away from the limelight.

She even spent a better part of the evening on the dancefloor and a number of the guests were recording her performances before posting the images on social media.


Sadly for Genius and his organising team, the virtually naked lady became the “face” of the event on social media and convinced those not at the function to believe it was Sodom and Gomorrah.

Speaking exclusively to H-Metro on Monday, Genius said it was unfortunate that a largely decent outing was turned into a dirty event by a few mischievous individuals.


The organisers had tried to emphasise on class on the dress code.

Guests were advised to be elegant in all white.

“It’s unfortunate that some people did not stick to the dress code the invite specifically stated dress code: Elegant but some people showed up in undesirable dressing,” said Genius.

He hinted that organisers will be firmer at next year’s event with security under instructions to eject anyone in violation of the dress code and other rules.



Genius has saluted his manager, popularly known as Ms Shally, for her role in this year’s 32nd birthday celebrations in Sandton, South Africa at the weekend.

Harare-born Shaleen Manhire Nullens is the co-founder of Conquered TV, Celebs4 Change and organised the three-day celebrations with a dress code of all-white.

Ms Shally, who started in business by working in her father’s business at the age of 14, was the brains behind the weekend programme which passed with little incidents and was a marked improvement from the previous events.


Apart from making sure that the supplies were enough for the oversubscribed festivities, Ms Shally also ensured that Genius did not go out of his way to surprise his guests by bringing an international star to perform.


“It was a successful party, to have all my friends travel from all over the world that’s the best gift I could ever ask for. It was really a birthday party different from the other years and each year we will always have something different to surprise my guests.

“I wanted something different and I had ideas of bringing an international artist, my Manager (Ms Shally) thought it was short notice so we decided to go with our fellow talented local artists,” said Genius.


Ms Shally also ensured that there were corporate sponsors for the three different events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

She however, suggested that next year’s celebrations will be used to generate funds for Genius’ social responsibility work.

“We had good sponsors on board, Moet & Chandon and Harem. We look forward to working with more big brands next year. Genius wants to give more to kids in need so people must be ready as we consider selling tickets for Genius all white party next year,” she said.






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