Ginimbi was no ordinary guy

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Ginimbi was no ordinary guy Ginimbi and the Rolls Royce


Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was by no means an ordinary guy. This is why his death broke the internet. This is why news about the accident that killed him and three others dominated the media for the past seven days.

Media houses from across the region bombarded the continent with news about Ginimbi’s death.


Social media is awash with videos of the accident, reviews about it and even jokes surrounding the deaths.


As usual H-Metro led the way in bringing the news to the people, accurate and timely. Our social media handles have never had so much traffic in a week – that is Ginimbi for you.


This here is a first ever special edition of your favourite newspaper – on a Saturday – and again, we would not have it were it not for Ginimbi.


His life was indeed our entertainment and continues to be, even after his death.


Very few have died and made so much noise.


Very few have died and deserved so much coverage. But this is Ginimbi, he was not like most people.


He was by no means an ordinary guy.


No ordinary guy buys Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Bentleys, Range Rovers and other fancy cars worth millions of US dollars in total.


No ordinary guy builds a hotel-like mansion – a tourist attraction on its own – in his own rural area.


No ordinary guy constructs a tarred road for his rural community and electrifies the community.


So Ginimbi deserves this noise.


He was a hero, not just to the Domboshava community, but to the country at large.


If only other rich people in this country could do the same to develop their areas and not just wait for government to do everything for their loved ones.


Ginimbi did a lot for everyone around him. Those that knew him and were fortunate enough to be known to him were showered with gifts, money, love and laughter.


He was a giver blessed with plenty.


Prophet Passion Java would not have flown back to Zimbabwe to pay his condolences to the Kadungures if Ginimbi was an ordinary person.


This special edition of H-Metro on a Saturday has started after Ginimbi’s death because he was that influential. He instigated change. He was fearless and adventurous. A role model to many who want to make a name as young as 36.


This noise is well deserved.


Ginimbi was a Genius who mastered the art of making money and used it selflessly.


He may have died now but his name and impact will never die.


Ginimbi’s good works will live long after he is gone and Domboshava and Zimbabwe as a country will never forget him.

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