Ginimbi will battle escalates

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Ginimbi will battle escalates Ginimbi


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Family members of the late Genius Kadungure were on Monday expected to file heads of their argument in a case they are accusing lawyer, Patricia Darangwa, of forging their relative’s will.

The family approached the High Court last week where they filed an urgent application to stop the administration of an alleged will pending the court’s decision over why the Master of High Court appointed her as the testamentary.

Kit Kat

Ginimbi’s sisters Juliet, Neria and father Anderson are applicants in the matter whilst Darangwa and Master of High Court are cited as respondents.


The matter is expected to be heard before Justice Slyvia Chirawu-Mugomba.


The application was also served on Darangwa and Master of High Court last week.


“Applicants and respondents to file heads of argument by end of day March 1, 2021,” reads a court instruction.


Ginimbi died in a car crash on November 8 last year; the socialite had vast business interests, investments and assets in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.


His family says the flamboyant businessman never mentioned anything to do with leaving a will behind to any member of his family.


During the national lockdown, Darangwa attempted to dispose of Ginimbi’s Lamborghini to one of his friends, Kitkat.


The family also contends that the Master of High Court erred when he accepted as a will, a document that was allegedly neither drafted nor signed by Ginimbi.


They say the decision was illegal and contrary to s8(5) of the Wills Act (6:06) making it a nullity.

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