Girl (7) shines at pre-school festival

Milton Kanyenze

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl won a trophy at a Pre-School Festival despite performing with an injured hand.

The festival included singing, dancing and playing marimba.

Kupakwashe Mukunza participated in the marimba playing competition with a broken left hand, but was not deterred by the injury.

She won at the event, which attracted 15 pre-schools, to the delight of her parents and school.

Ralph Chimbaira, CEO of Changamire Early Learning Centre, said Kupakwashe had put their pre-school on the map by performing beyond expectations.

“Kupakwashe has done us proud considering that she broke her left hand barely a week before the competition.

“Her parents had suggested that we rest her, but she was full of confidence and insisted on performing.

“We appreciate the organisers for giving the children such an opportunity to experience the world of competition,” said Chimbaira.

Kupakwashe’s father, Walter Mukunza, said:

“We are so proud of her achievement, especially that she performed with an injured hand. We will support her with guidance from the school because that’s where it all began.”

Founder of the Pre-School Festival, Decide Mabhiza, praised the competition’s focus on “catching them young” and urged parents to support their children’s talent from a young age.

“I have seen a lot of improvement by the girls, as they outperformed the boys in the competition.

“I urge all parents to identify, nurture and support their children’s talents from a tender age. Let’s catch them young,” said Mabhiza.

Denis Takaza, founder of Denlink Educational Consultancy, said promoting young talent increases children’s motivation, confidence and willingness to take risks.

“Catching them young not only enhances personal growth, but also contributes to academic achievement and overall well-being of the learner.

“Nurturing unique talent fosters a sense of purpose and self-awareness, guiding learners towards a fulfilling future career path.”

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