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14 June 2018

PARENTS and guardians of students at Girls High School were yesterday disgruntled after their children were barred from writing midyear examinations over outstanding school fees.

When H-Metro arrived at the school, there was a queue at the headmaster’s office comprising of students and parents who were seeking audience with the school head over the matter.

A parent of a form two student said her daughter had failed write an exam over $80 arrears.

“Two of my children have been students at this school but I am so upset with how things are now being done here.

“My daughter has missed her exam over US$80 that I am owing to the school, I had already proposed a payment plan and it was approved by the school head.

“To my surprise my daughter called crying saying she was banned from writing the exam.

“This is unacceptable according to the laws of our country, it was better if they had allowed the children to write and then keep their reports until the fees is paid,” said the parent.

Another parent who also preferred anonymity said her daughter was also disturbed while writing exams after she was erroneously listed as one of the students who had not paid fees.

“I was so busy at work but I had to leave everything I was doing to go home and get receipts for the school fees that I had paid for my daughter who had been chucked out of school.

“She had been listed as one of those who had not paid fees of which I had paid fees including for her third term.

“I am just hoping that she wasn’t disturbed on her exam by the whole confusion which was caused by the school,” he said

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