Girls throw themselves at me

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Girls throw themselves at me



GREETINGS H-Metro readers.

It feels good contributing through this column in my own capacity as a musician, choreographer and entrepreneur.

A lot has been said about Shinso the musician but I feel there have been some distortions here and there.

In some cases, there have been half-truths being said with some even giving me the bad boy tag.

But like anyone else, we all make mistakes in life.

And in my case, a lot has been said on my love for booze and women which I want to clarify. Read on…

My real name is Romeo Antony.

I was born on the 25th of August 1988 at Old Highfield Clinic, being the last born and only boy in a family of three.

My mother, Gogo va Devonte is still alive and she stays in Highfield.

I attended Kudzanai Primary School in Highfied before I enrolled at Mukai High School where I did my O level.

At school, I was a soccer player. I once played for Dynamos Juniors and I was also a karate player.

I attained a black belt when I was in Form 4.

My dream as a soccer player was shattered when problems rocked the DeMbare camp since we could not afford money for transport to come for sessions.

At DeMbare, I played in the junior league alongside the likes of Ali Sadiki, Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat – they played for other teams.

I also coached troublesome DeMbare player Denver Mukamba at Mukai High after completing school.

Denver was unpredictable even at school where he would refuse to take my instructions as his coach.

All this time I had no passion for music. But my love for it grew when I joined Gary Thompson’s A Academy.

I made it into the top 10 even though they had a bias towards R’nB. I also met Killer T at A Academy but we were not recommended since dancehall was not yet popular.

Eventually, Jonah Sithole won the talent show; we don’t know what he is doing right now.

My breakthrough came when I was spotted by Joe Machingura and Leonard Mapfumo of HeshMfesh Records.

I recorded such singles as Ndine Simba, Kereke featuring Extra Large, Wepamoyo featuring McDee.

I also featured in Sanni Makhalima’s song titled Zvachose which had so many artistes.

I left Machingura after realising that he was not giving me the attention I deserved since he was also managing Leonard Mapfumo.

I then roped in Chief Chiyangwa as my manager since we shared the same vision.

Chief Chiyangwa is still running my affairs but I don’t have any problems with Machingura.

It was under Chief Chiyangwa’s management that I recorded popular hits like Mawaya Waya, Ndakupenga, Handichabatika featuring Soul Jah Love, Pamakati featuring Killer T among others.

To date, I have four albums – namely Mudhara Kubva Kudhara, Best of Both Worlds, Vanogona Vauya and Mandigonera.

Currently, I am working on a new album titled Mazivandadzoka to be launched on September 16.

It will be launched at Club Sankayi in South Africa, thanks to help from Boss Spencer Madziya.

Locally, we are still finalising on the dates to unveil it to the people will the help of Boss Spencer.

It carries 12 tracks and it was recorded by Cymplex of Solid Records, Mannex Brothers, T-Man and MTM.

To make a breakthrough in the international scene has and will always be my dream.

To ensure that I will make the grade, I have a unique voice which is different from everyone else in the world, including Jamaicans and Americans.

On the local front, I think I have nothing to prove because I have established myself.

Everyone knows Baba Devonte as a hit-maker.

Internationally, the late Michael Jackson is my role mode.

As for MJ, he had a good voice and he could sing and dance at the same time.

Locally, the late Simon Chimbetu is my role model.

Chimbetu was unique and he created his own sound and he would express his feelings with ease.

I am happily married to Chipo Majoni (Mai Devonte). We are blessed with two kids – Devonte (son) and Davina (daughter).

We have been married for the past seven years.

Despite being a married musician who is proud of his family, there are also girls that are literally throwing themselves at us.

There are some who are making fake claims in the press that I am dating them when in actual fact I only love my wife.

There are so many ladies there vanochiva kunziwo vana mai Devonte unaware that it is impossible.

I don’t take drugs but I love my beers. Before live shows, I have to be a bit tipsy but not drunk.

I have never smoked cigarettes in my life but I just love my beer.

I have won a couple of gongs comprising Best Song for Mawaya Waya in the Zim dancehall awards and the Best Collabo featuring Soul Jah Love.

I have been nominated or the NAMAs and ZIMAs.

I also won an award in Cyprus for Best Performer, which was organised by students.

I will be travelling to England, Canada, South Africa, Cyprus before end of the year.

To date, I have been touring South Africa frequently.

On parting shot, special thanks goes to my mother, Chief Chiyangwa, Boss Spencer, my wife, my sisters – Linda and Valerie.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fans and I would like to urge them to look forward to good music.

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