‘GIVE ME NINE YEARS’…Tapiwa Makore’s killer makes bizzare plea…State calls for death sentences for the duo

Paidamoyo Bore

ONE of the convicted killers of Tapiwa Makore says he feels NINE years in jail will be sufficient punishment for his part in the gruesome murder of the seven-year-old.

The other killer says he is willing to appease the spirit of the young boy.

The State has called for death sentences for the convicted killers Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Sr.

Sentence is set to be passed at the High Court today.

In mitigation, the two murderers have pleaded for leniency, with Shamba saying he is willing to appease the spirit of the young boy.

Makore Sr has said nine years in custody will be appropriate for how he gruesomely murdered his nephew.

However, the State submitted that Shamba and Makore Sr had not shown any remorse, particularly because they did not reveal the whereabouts of Tapiwa Jr’s head.

The State said courts do not operate in the spiritual realm by appeasing spirits of the dead, but on facts and evidence.

It also said the two had protected the traditional healer, who instructed them to kill the boy for ritual purposes, saying he should be in jail together with them.

The State also said the two murdered Tapiwa Jr for ritual purposes, which was exceptionally grave and heinous, and hence do not deserve leniency, but death sentences.

It said Tapiwa Jr died a painful death at the hands of people he trusted and was close to.

“Deceased was mutilated for primitive ritual beliefs of business enhancement.

“There should be no place for people in our society who remain stuck in the negatives of the past like the accused persons (Shamba and Makore) who believe that business can only prosper by shedding human blood.

“We pray that the accused persons be each sentenced to death,” submitted the State.

The State also submitted that Tapiwa Jr’s family will continuously suffer the pain of gruesomely losing their only son.

Justice Munamato Mutevedzi is expected to hand down sentence today.

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