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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

The tug war of amongst well-wishers in support of ailing actor Charles “Marabha” Mupalume has divided opinions on what is good giving.

Marabha’s benefactors’ contention degenerated into war of words of between socialites Wanisai “Mahwindo” Mutandwa and Mai TT while radio personality DJ Shugetta was sucked in.

Shugetta broke the sad news about Marabha’s condition when he serious got ill from recurring head injuries much to the positive response from well-wishers who stepped in to assist him.

Marabha and his new blankets

The radio personality has been managing Kapfupi and Marabha on their skits for a month or so.

However, there has been debate on how people should give.

In an interview, Evangelist Trymore Muparinga, had this to say:

“Giving is a good thing but we are living in a time where people can also make names and become popular through giving or they want to show the world that they have made it in life and in giving people end up saying vane mari.

“And there are some who can give without giving names but it’s not all that bad to mention your name when you give.

Apostle Stephen Mangwanya

“Sometimes you can inspire others but if it’s the motive that you inspire others to do so because others learn from things they are seeing.

“But it’s unfortunate that some people are not doing enough to inspire others to chip into help but are just making names, to an extend yekuti ukabatsira munhu unomusimudzisa placard or yatove a tag name to bring things kuti pavanofamba in the future vanhu vanoti uyu akabatsirwa nanhingi, that’s bad.

“Mari haina zita remunhu but there are times yekuti ukubatsira munhu you try kumupa hembe maybe dzakanyorwa mazita ako , it’s more like you are advertising yourself on somebody’s problem.”

Muparinga said people should not advertise on people’s problem.

“Dambudziko remumwe haisi platform yeadvertising and we must do it to inspire others and only companies can put billboards for the sake of marketing strategy for the sake of kutsvaga mabasa.

“But in the Kingdom of God now, you don’t do such things, do things with the right motive to inspire others.

“But ikava motive iri tricky ipapo pakuti you want your name to be known, kunyika its fine but in the Kingdom that’s a sign that you want something.

“Mathew chapter 6 vs 1-5, that’s the kind of giving recommended especially in the kingdom of God.

“In the Kingdom of God, you should not do it like how it’s done in the world, kureva kuti nyika inotopawo, giving it’s a principle in the world and in church but under the Kingdom of God which you should do with the right motive,” said Muparinga.

The street preacher stated that it’s not a crime to add a name to your helping hand.

“Hapana chakaipa kuisa zita or publish your name kana waita chinhu chakanaka like John 16, God even mentioned his name kuti Mwari ndivo vakapa  because people will end up talking and worshiping Mary.

“There are times people take credit pane zvavasina kuita, so to have the name it’s not bad, so the motive behind putting your name there is judged by God.

“So by mentioning his or her name is showing a picture that this is a good thing to do because there are some people vanenge vachifambisa mbiri kuti vafundisi vari kudya mari dzatiri kuvapa.

“So when you give and mention your name sometimes you are humbling all those who speak negative about you that’s why Mwari akati for God so loved the world he gave his son, he mentioned his name, but the motive was pure love.

“Bhaibheri riri kutsiura the motive of putting your name and it’s judged by action you take, not forcing them to talk about you always, that’s not the biblical way of doing it,” he added.

Muparinga called upon people to help with a good motive.

“I call upon those privileged enough to help to seek those without names and do it, and kubatsira asina zita, most times you do it with the right motive.

“Kubatsira ane zita, you will know in return kuti zvinobuda sei, so that’s the danger of our time, the church has neglected the church, which is a sign that we are looking for a marketing strategy.

“So on Mathew 6 vs 1, runonzi ruoko rweboswe and rwerudyi, the left hand are those people who are supposed not to know because once they know they have wrong motives.

“In our times, those with privileges to give, they don’t just target the poor or those with less privilege or suffering.

“They target people who have names and who are suffering because ukabatsira munhu agara ane zita paanozokubatsira or paunomubatsira, zvikanozivakanwa.

“I am not saying it’s bad, but we are overlooking people with less privileges who are in need of help but without names.”

He added:

“Ukabatsira a musician, footballer, comedian who are well known, you make a name, unlike the less privileged, the church is neglecting the church, hakuna church yakambosimudzira imwe church.

“Hakuna mamwe mapastor ari kubatsira mamwe mapastor, wese aita mari kuchurch kwacho whether the prophet, akangowana a platform they help those outside the church.

“We are neglecting the in-house because you don’t make a name when assisting the in house but unoita a name when you help the outsider.

“Which is a picture, that there is a marketing strategy or fame inenge ichida kugadzirwa.

“Munhu asina zita haasi kubatsirwa mazuvano, meaning that our assistance is now artificial.”

In another interview, Apostle Stephen Mangwanya castigated people with a ‘canal’ mind when giving.

“Most of the people have a canal mind, they now have a conditional giving expecting a favour in return.

“They want it to be known since it’s an investment but Romans 5 vs 8, says ‘God loves us when we were still sinners’.

“Mwari anoda munhu zvaari, Mwari anonaisa mvura kumunhu wese, mbavha, muroyi, oxygen goes to everybody without shouting, that’s the giving we want.

“The people of today have their own agendas, and expect a favour in return,” he said.

Veteran script writer Aaron Chiundura Moyo said:

“People with a problem expect to be assisted with well-wishers who are able to do so. Haisi kodzero yemunhu atambura kuti abatsirwe nemunhu wosewo zvake asi kuti chido nemwoyo murefu wevabatsira vacho.

“Since long back anyone who has helped was praised with others uye iye pachake aiedza nepaaigona kuudza vanhu kuti ndiye ayamura munhu kana vanhu.

“Many at times zvaisaitwa muchivande or with corrupt intentions, a good thing cannot be hidden unless there is a reason.

“To be seen appreciating other people inspires to others to help others as well,” he said.

Moyo said anyone who does good things should be praised.

“Some people today if they help, they invite the media   whilst they will be donating and izvi zvinopa pembedzo kwavari vapi but inspiring others to assist also.

“Kana munhu akayamura nengari yekuda kuonekwa hazvina kuita ndiwo mubayiro wokupa kwake pachena wekuonekwa nenyika achiita izvi.

“These days there is nothing for free so whoever gives should be praised and given a prize of being seen helping those in need.”


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