Gladys is a devout Methodist Church member

Tanaka Mahanya

THE Zimbabwean woman, who this week grabbed headlines for allegedly fleecing and mistreating desperate job seekers through her home care agency, is a devout member of the Methodist Church.

Gladys Chingoka owns Home Support Services in the United Kingdom.

She is being accused of paying her workers as low as £150 per month, and threatening to get them deported if they expose their ill-treatment.

Chingoka states on her Facebook page that she works as an accredited preacher in the Methodist Church.

One of her posts reads:

“Night of worship, night of revival, this Saturday, June 24, 2023, come let’s worship together with these great worshippers from our Zimbabwean country.”

In another post, she said she has committed herself to building the church of God, which is way contrary to how her employees say she treats them.

“Thank you for this day Lord, it’s not a mistake that I was a guest preacher at our local church, while the church I supported to be built was being dedicated.

“The church in Gokwe Mudzogwe, the church you my friends supported, the church my husband stood by me, my brothers, sisters, mother and father served.

“In October 2020, I turned 50 and gave myself a challenge to build the kingdom of God.

“I turned my 50th celebration into a gift to the community and advancement of the Kingdom of God.

“Like Hezekiah, today I stand before you Lord and remember the encouragement you gave me when I preached, evangelised, and built,” she wrote.

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