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19 November 2018

Talent Gore

The Glam Awards have announced the nominees of this year’s edition of the 2nd Glam Awards. This year’s edition is set to be held in Gweru on November 24.

In an interview, Glam Awards director Albert Chigiya said they would like to thank everyone who participated from the artistes to the stakeholders.

“My team would like to thank all those that entered for the 2nd Edition of Glam Awards for making it a success,” he said.

He said the Glam Awards was launched as an attempt to recognise the efforts of young people in the entertainment industry, sports and business at Midlands State University.

“At first the Glam Awards were only meant for students at MSU, then after a success story, we then called for young people all over the county to come together network and recognise the talents in those same fields year.

“The inspiration came from the passion that I have for native and indigenous artists and entertainment in Zimbabwe. The energy and possibility to what these young people do, the entertainment industry is so important and can play a very big role in the development of the country,” said Chigiya.

Chigiya said the vision for the Glam Awards is to set on the engagement of young entertainers and the corporate world of Zimbabwe in working together to improve  their lives and also the country.

Below is the list of nominees:

The Best male: Fucci, Takura, T-Gonzi, Asaph and Tehn Diamond

The Best Female: Natasha Muz, Kikky Badass, Blac Perl, Tiara Baluti and Cindy Munyavi

The Best Producer: Dj Tamuka, Young Nash, Mr Kamera, Nyasha Timbe, Dj Oxygen

The Best video: Drew The mc, Guardian, Kikky Badass- Body Conversation, Simba Tagz- Zvakanaka, Tiara Baluti-Bad Gyal Flex and Takura- Mai mwana

The best upcoming artist: Crooger, Bryan K, Garry Mapanzure and Dj Steers

The Best video director: Andy Cutta, Director AM,KMANE, SIMDOC, and Shoca

The throwback award: Calvin- The Plane Vin, T-Gonzi- Hipu hopu yepa ghetto, Takura- Strippers, Dj Steers- Blessings and Kikky Badass- Queen of the South

The Best Alternative: Coco we Africa, Bhadilar, Jazz Prosper, Tocky Vibes and Shashl

The Best lyricist: M.U.S.E, Abnorm, Cal-vin, Noble, Styles and Jnr Brown

The Best Diaspora Act: Charlie Kay, Hillzy, Mr Kamera and  Tran

The best fashion designer: Ric Chasers, Kid Hunta, Gutu Tich and Look Alive and L.O.A.D

The Best club Dj: Reverb 7, Raydizz, Dj Aktive, Dj Oxygen and Selekta Base

The best radio Dj: Dj Fresh, Prometheus, KVG Royalty and MisRed

The Best dance crew: ATL, The SuperGreeks, Voltage and Extreme

The best comedian: Ray Vines, Kingsley Kaisi/Kingleezw, Lambo/Zimbabweans be like and Shadaya Knight Tawona

The Best Online Media: ZimCelebs, Zimtainment, Lounge 263, Shonaboy Conglomerate and KoBulawayo

Promoter of the year: Zimboy Changamire HHP, Simba CroCX Afternoon Sessions, Prezzo/Team Legacy and CTO Banks Insider 263 Magazine

Song of the year: Enzo Ishal- Kanjiva, EXQ- Tsvigiri, Nutty O- Boom Shelele, Takura- Mai Mwana, Cindy Munyavi- Setter pace

Album of the year: Crooger- Shumba inoruma, CalVin- Revenge of the Vin, Mariachi- Mzukuru, Takura- STHDi and Mr Lit- The Lit Album

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