Glen View residents against service station

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Glen View residents against service station


28 June 2018

GLEN VIEW are calling for authorities to remove a service station close to the market complex to save lives following the fire that destroyed goods worth thousands of dollars on Monday.

“Our prayers were that the fire does not spread to the service station that is close to the market,” said one of the residents who stays near the complex.

“Hatizive huwandu hwepetrol iripo saka takabatira ura mumaoko saka tinokumbirisa kuti ibviswe service station yacho.

“This is the third time that fire destroyed the market place. First it was on 27 July 2015, 29 July 2016 and this year 26 June so if nothing is done to remove the service station lives are going to be lost when it catches fire.

“We are also appealing to City Council to construct more toilets at the complex since the number of vendors is growing by the day.

“Some of the vendors are using our home toilets and this is not proper,” said one of the residents.

One resident had a version on the cause of fire,

“I am not sure on the cause of the fire but in 2016 we heard that one of the employees sold sofas worth thousands of dollars while his employer was away.

“He set the furniture on fire to destroy evidence of what he had sold and pocketed money realised from the sales.

“Vamwe vacho hanzi havabhadhare vashandi asi mari ichipinda every day saka vachiita utsinye hwekunyepera kubirwa nekupisa property.

“Our fears are that some of the clients will lose faith in buying from Glen View complex since the affected vendors are failing to compensate clients who deposit for furniture before the mishap,” said the resident.

He also raised concern over congestion experienced during peak hours around the area as people go about their business while vehicles jam the area.

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