Glorious Melodies Anoint Chi-Town

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Glorious Melodies Anoint Chi-Town Chitungwiza Harmony Singers


14 November 2018

Glorious Melodies Choir

ZENGEZA 5 Salvation Army Citadel is the place to be in Chitungwiza this Saturday for choral music lovers when it hosts a mammoth musical fete.

Dubbed “The Sacred Concert”, the musical extravaganza is a brainchild of Glorious Melodies Choir, a newly formed star-studded ensemble destined for greater heights.

What has raised the appeal of this event is that there will be marimba and live instruments to ensure fans have variety at the event.

Besides Glorious Melodies Choir, the multi award-winning Chitungwiza Harmony Singers will perform at the event along with Jesa and Mufakose Voice of Revelation Choir.

In an interview with H-Metro, Glorious Melodies Choir manager Bonny Kanyenze said it was all systems go, urging fans to show up in numbers for a big day of praise and worship.

“The most interesting part of this event is the feature of two other community choirs in a non-competitive set up namely the Mighty Chitungwiza Harmony singers and the young and highly energetic Mufakose Voice of Revelation Choir.

Chitungwiza Harmony Singers

“The event will not only thrill the choral music lovers as one section will also feature afro centric music that brings together marimba, choir and electric band,” he said.

Besides praising and worshipping the Lord under one roof, Kanyenze said the event was also aimed at empowering guests to be self-reliant thereby creating employment opportunities.

“This will also aid in vocational arts learning and teaching processes and also exhibit the possibility of career opportunities in the performing arts industry.

“This initiative will also aid to groom and afford our talented youths, a platform to showcase their act,” he added.

Fans will have to fork out $5 for VIP ($5.50 EcoCash) while adults will have to pay $2 or $2.50 via EcoCash.

Children will have to for out $1 and below.

The event starts at 4pm till late.

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