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STAR FM special cultural guest and sangoma, Gogo Chihoro, has “anointed” her teenage son, Gilbert “Gidzaboy” Kanzira, to pursue the music of his choice.

A spiritualist and herbalist, the stylish traditional healer, feels children have the right to choose careers of their choice.

In an interview with H-Metro, the African culture advocate said she was proud of her 14-year-old son’s passion.

“I am a sangoma and a promoter of African culture but I don’t have a problem with people who have their own beliefs.

Gilbert “Gidzaboy” Kanzira

“I have taken the same stance towards my son, Gidzaboy, who is now a musician doing Zim dancehall, Afrobeat, among other modern day beats.

“If I was strict on him, I could have forced him to go traditional and do either mbira or anything traditional but I let him do what he wants,” she said.

Gogo Chihoro, who is known for giving financial and moral support to musicians, urged her son to leave a mark.

“I know my son has everything that he wants in his music career, but one thing that I will make sure he practices is respect and humility.

“I have groomed him to a become an exemplary teen celebrity who is able to handle fame.

“I don’t want him to be associated with bad stuff.”

Gilbert “Gidzaboy” Kanzira

Gidzaboy, who is still in high school, has vowed to make an impression.

“I’m still young and new in showbiz and it is my duty to do something that can inspire other young people.

“I have worked with several artists, including Herman, Shantel Sithole, Mathias Mhere, Holy Ten, among others.

“I am willing to learn as an artist,” he said.

His songs ‘Need You’, ‘Tamba’ and ‘Hello Mama’ have been trending on YouTube.

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