Gold panners invade cemetery

14 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Gold panners invade cemetery Kraal Head Garikayi Kanengoni


Arron Nyamayaro

GOLD panners in Chiweshe have invaded a cemetery in Kanengoni village in Chiweshe.

Villagers now want the issue to be urgently addressed.

Kraal head, Garikayi Kanengoni, confirmed the story saying the illegal miners were expected to appear before Chief Negomo.

“I received information that there were some illegal miners operating at the village cemetery and I could not believe it,” said Kanengoni.

“As kraal head, I engaged Chief Negomo’s secretary and we visited the anthill where we lay to rest our relatives, and where our forefathers were laid to rest.

“It is unbelievable that the miners failed to respect the dead and went on to expose some of the graves, in search of gold.

“The matter has disturbed villagers and we agreed that this must stop.

Vamwe vana vacho ndevemumusha handizive kuti kana vavekufukunura makuva tochivigira kupi vafi uye isu tikafa tinovigwa kupi.

“Families have been clashing over this matter and it has been stopped and appropriate action has been taken.

“The people involved are expected to appear before Chief Negomo this Saturday and I promise that this will surely be brought to a halt.”

Well-placed sources told H-Metro some officials were being given gold to allow these people to continue mining in the cemetery.

“Gold panning has eroded our respect for the dead as well as our culture.

“The culprits have been left defying our tradition for some time as some authorities were turning a blind eye since they were benefiting from the proceeds,” said the source.

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