‘Golden Quarry not safe for human settlement’

05 Apr, 2019 - 17:04 0 Views


Letwin Ncube, H-Metro Reporter

Harare City Council’s chief town planner, Samuel Nyabezi has condemned attempts to set up a residential suburb at the Golden Quarry.

Nyabezi said the area is not safe for humans settlement.

“The area is not safe for humans to reside on because of its proximity to the Golden Quarry where hazardous materials are disposed.

“The Golden quarry is zoned for public open space and recreational purposes.

“The place near it is reserved for dumping of industrial wastes and solid wastes which makes the place unsafe for human residence.

“When I say recreational purposes I do not mean that the place is a public open space where people will come and do their various recreational activities but is meant to be a passive open space where no human activities are expected to be conducted,” said Nyabezi.

Nyabezi said they did consultations concerning the space and saw that it is not suitable for human settlement.

“Consultations were done with expects as well as the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and results shows that the place is not suitable for humans to reside on.

“The idea is that the piece of land could not be suitable for any other use because of its proximity to the Golden Quarry dumping area,” he said.

He added:

“There have been some attempts by people to convert the public open space to residential areas.

“The drawings showing stands and roads are just attempts to do a layout plan which was interrogated by EMA n city of Harare before the place and it was established that it is not possible to have residential stands there.”

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