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THE name “Munya Goldfinger” is now popular on the local showbiz landscape.

In recent months, it has become a popular “chant” line with artists releasing new albums.

Popularised by Mark Ngwazi, fellow youthful artists like Romeo Gasa, Peter Moyo, Sir Gono, Tindo Ngwazi, Mathias Mhere have also chanted this line.

Seasoned chanters like Gift “Shiga-Shiga” Katulika and Jonas Kasamba can’t resist this name as well.

Some of the lucky artists have been rewarded with money or assets for simply including this line in their songs.  So, who is this “Munya Goldfinger” who has become popular with local chanters?

“My real name is Munyaradzi Makombora, a music promoter, actor and miner.

“I was born in 1991 in Rusike Village in Goromonzi. I did both my primary and secondary education in the area before I completed ‘O’ Level there in the year 2008.

“I have always been a hustler but I then ventured into mining which has made me popular with most artists and fans who need sponsorship,” he says.

The 31-year-old music promoter says he was raised in a humble family.

He also says he worked hard to become one of the new breed of the most sought-after music promoters.

“Growing up in Goromonzi, life was never rosy.

“I did lose hope as a villager but I defied the odds when I ventured into mining.

“It’s a decision that I would not regret ever making because I can now look after my family, my employees and even strangers, who are not related to me,” he says.


The soft-spoken businessman says he has always loved music but he had a poor voice.

“I used to write my own music when I was young but I could record it because I wasn’t vocally gifted.

“I used to enjoy the music of Leonard Zhakata because he used to sing exactly what I was going through when I was young.

“I never believed that one day I would end up being involved with top artists and sponsoring them.”


Goldfinger says he started promoting music in 2015 but he was just a sponsor for Ngwazi.

“Like I said before, I have always enjoyed giving but remaining anonymous.

“I was never after fame but you know artists will always make you famous until I became a promoter and sponsor of several artists.

“I have assisted, promoted and sponsored a number of artists, among them the Ngwazi siblings, Sir Gono, Tapiwa Samanyanga.

“Now, I am considering taking promotion to another level but it’s a tricky business where one can either make money or suffer huge losses,” he said.

       VISUALS

The 32-year-old has featured in a number of musical videos and enjoys acting.

“Acting has always been one of my hobbies but, with music videos, you have to follow the script.

“I was inspired by Mr Naxo to trying acting when I featured in one of the musical videos,

“Me Naxo has been a good friend of mine and he believes in my talent,” he said.

      FAME

“It’s not easy being a popular figure as many artists have been praising me through their songs.

“This has made me realise that I’m no longer the same person I was before.

“As such, I have learnt to be responsible and avoid being reckless since I am now a role model.”


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