Gomba new Harare mayor

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Gomba new Harare mayor


4 September 2018

Blessing Malinganiza and Alexander Chirume

COUNCILLOR Herbert Gomba was yesterday elected new mayor of Harare at the swearing in of councillors at Town House.

He was unopposed.

Forty-seven councillors were also sworn in following success in the 2018 harmonised elections on July 30.

In his acceptance speech, Cllr Gomba said he intends to be a servant and a listening mayor.

“I thank you for voting for us during the just ended harmonized elections. I humbly accept that responsibility with the intention of being a servant and listening mayor.

“Allow me to itemise problems being faced by the City of Harare. These are water shortages, roads in need of resealing/reconstructions, debts ballooning due to unemployment, mushika-shika, congestion, uncontrolled vending, illegal occupation of Council land, lack of financial support from Central Government.

“Our transformation agenda will be hinged on the need to increase revenue and contain costs.

“It’s high time we engage various private layers in meeting the various needs of our residents.

“This is the through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) on waste to energy project, sewer system rehabilitation and road rehabilitation,” he said.

Gomba said his transformation agenda will also be anchored on the need to review the Harare Combination Master Plan and the Strategic Plan document and work towards attaining the 2025 goal.

“The current review of the master plan should take into consideration the need to decongest the City and prepare a roadmap for the future construction of ring and spaghetti roads or overhead highways.

“Due to the economy, we may not be able to construct them, however in our time; we simply want to set the agenda for future implementation.

“I implore on the Government to pay through THE National Budget, the 5% Constitutional allocation to local authorities.

“Councils should be allowed the latitude to reconnect with the outside world through exchanges, visits and bilateral relations.

“This can only be achieved if we are allowed to travel for the purposes of engagement and mobilisation of financial support and resources. Government has reemphasised re-engagement but we feel at our level best we should be allowed a full room to engage and source partnerships with the international community.

“We are the arm of Government closest to the people. I also call upon all Council workers to recommit themselves to the Transformation Agenda so that we realise the intended benefits,” he added.

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