Gomo triple album launch date set

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Gomo triple album launch date set Blessing Gomo


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SOUTH Africa based musician Blessing “Muroti’ Gomo has set December 19 as the official day for his triple album launch.

The triple album launch will be the first of its kind as Gomo has become the first musician in the history of Zimbabwean music to launch three album at once.

The three albums will comprise of Delete a gospel album, Check My Records a jazz album and Mukombe Wezodzo a sungura album.


At his launch, he will be supported by other musicians such as Blessing Shumba, Mathias Mhere, Mambo Dhuterere, Romeo Gasa, Tatenda Pinjisi, Mark Ngwazi and many more.


In an interview, Gomo said his dream is now becoming a reality and he is looking forward to entering his name in the Zimbabwean music history.


“This has been a long journey but now I can safely say, this launch is becoming a reality.


“We had to push the dates back because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was affecting the whole world, so we looking forward to finally achieving our dream as a band,” he said.


Gomo said this launch will be special for him as his father Cleophas Gomo will also be launching his debut album titled Jompani on the same day.


“I come from a musical background, it all started with my uncle Ngwaru Mapundu who paved the way for us musically in our family. “He is the one who started music in our family and my father followed. So I have a huge music background which has also inspired me to be in music.


“So my father is now realising his own dream of recording his first project,” he said.


So far Gomo has been keeping himself busy as he was shooting videos from his previous albums and they have since gone viral, with the video of the song Muroti being a hit with his legion of fans.


He said, videos are now the way to go in selling music so he has decided to shoot videos from his previous albums so that they help in hyping his upcoming projects.


“Videos are the real deal now. If you want to successfully these days a musician, you have to produce top quality videos as they help in marketing your music.


“So far have managed to shoot 27 videos and I believe they will help to market my upcoming three albums,” he said.

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