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LONDON. Police are appealing for help after five luxury cars, worth more than £700 000 were stolen in a raid lasting less than 60 seconds. 

The footage shows five flashy cars being driven out a lot in the middle of the night in Essex. 

On November, 11, 2022, around 4.45am the thieves made their way into an industrial unit on Brentwood Road in Bulphan. 

One car was recovered by Essex police but the other four vehicles are missing. 

Two people can be seen on the video propping open the gates to let his accomplices make their getaway. 

The gate is propped open with an orange traffic cone and one accomplice jumps into the first stolen car and drives away. 

The thieves first drive away with a rare Ariel Atom – this has a starting price of around £60 000.  a

A Mercedes G-Wagon worth £120 275 then gets through the gate.

It initially has its door open until the accomplice closes it as they drive past.

A Porsche 911 Carrera worth around £90 000 tails behind before the final car, a Mercedes Maybach worth £150 000. 

When all the cars race away the last person throws away the traffic cone and chases after the G-Wagon while trying to close the gate behind him. 

Officers said the thieves cut the bolts on the front gate before entering the unit. 

Essex Police confirmed the Maybach has now been recovered but the four remaining cars are still missing. 

Essex Police said: “Officers were called to an industrial unit on Brentwood Road in Bulphan shortly after midnight on November 11, following reports of five luxury cars being stolen.

“The suspects entered the yard, cutting the bolts on the front gate before stealing five vehicles, worth an estimated value of over £700 000. 

The cars stolen included two Porsches, a Mercedes and a rare Ariel Atom car.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything or could have CCTV or dashcam footage including the stolen cars to contact us.” – Mailonline.

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