Gonyeti holding her own

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Gonyeti holding her own Gonyeti


9 September 2016



FORMER Jah Prayzah’s popular dancer and backing vocalist, Pamela ‘Gonyeti’ Zulu on Friday successfully hosted a near capacity show at Inner Cafe.

She played hits from international and many local artists besides Jah Prayzah.

The crowd danced and sang along to all her perfectly played and choreographed tracks.


She introduced some of her upcoming tracks as well.

Her band composed of an experienced keyboardist, drummer, bassist, lead guitarist, backing vocalist and dancer, DDF 6-Cylinder.

Filda (Mama Filo) Muchabaiwa, Gonyeti’s manager said; “I am so happy to be helping my daughter Gonyeti, we have an album coming with a song you heard fans singing along to, it is called One Day. What happened to that one day you used love each other?”


Mama Filo, who also used to manage Jah Prayzah added; “Thanks to the fans who loyally packed our show today, it shows us that our next day from today has light.”

She also spoke about her relationship with Jah Prayzah and thanked him for his role in nurturing Gonyeti.

“I thank my son Jah Prayzah for giving his sister a greener platform, they are all my children, even Generator, I still wish her the best, no one can disown his or her own child.


“We often call each other (with Jah Prayzah).

“I am not happy about his enemies who are insulting him with doctored videos on social media.

“I do not want anyone to upset my son Jah Prayzah, ndoda kumutuka ndega, kwete kunzwa achitukwa nevamwe,’’ said Mama Filo.

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