Good Samaritan saves Prophet Passion

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Good Samaritan saves Prophet Passion Prophet Passion Java


6 July 2016
. . . congregants speak out


Prophet Passion Java

Two Kingdom Embassy congregants who were suing the church’s leader, Prophet Passion Java on Tuesday withdrew the charges against him.

Chido Mangi and Tatenda Kangai withdrew theft of trust property charges against Passion citing that they had reached a consensus.

The duo said there was no need for them to pursue the criminal matter since they agreed that they will be handed over their property.

In their founding affidavits, Chido and Tatenda wrote:



“I have decided to withdraw the charges against Panganai Java. I have made the decision freely and voluntarily having settled the issue amicably.”

Chido Mangi was given her Toyota Chaser and the registration book forthwith.

Tatenda, who sold the prophet a 51 inch plasma colour television, was promised to be given his balance of US$400 by one Mavis Madzivanzira who is paying the money on behalf of Passion.



In Mavis’ affidavit she swore that she was going to pay US$400 on or before July 8 on behalf of the prophet.

Chido told H-Metro that she was happy that she got her car back.

“I am just happy that I got my car back. That is all I wanted. I have no reason to pursue the criminal matter since I have my car back,” she said.

Tatenda also said he was glad that he was going to get a payment for his television set.

“This is all I wanted from the beginning. Tingadai tisina kumbosvitsana kuno. I am just happy that this lady came through and is paying the money on behalf of Passion,” he said.

When asked for comment Passion told H-Metro that he had nothing to say.

However, Passion’s mother Christine Java said:

Christine Java

Christine Java

“I was really hurt by the allegations that were leveled against my son. He received his call when he was nine years old. He is a true prophet and not a bogus one like some would want to suggest.

“Ndinorwadziwa zvikuru. These people have tarnished his image by leveling these malicious allegations against him. I am glad this is all over. I hope all will get back to normal,” she said.

Paidamoyo Manongwe who is a Kingdom Embassy congregant said she was not going to be stopped to believe in the prophet by these allegations.

Some of the congregants

Some of the congregants at court

“Prophet Passion is a true man of god. Whatever people try will not stop us from believing in his works. We are a people of prayer and we are not at all moved by these allegations,” said Marvellous.

Other congregants who were present also emphasized that Passion was a real prophet and they would not stop attending church because of such accusations.

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